Tailored Support

Tailored Support

We create solutions for your specific crawling needs. Whether it is only the plugin's configuration or extending the plugin with custom PHP code, tailored support is there for you.

How does it work?

  • You send us the target site's URL and how you want to display the content on your site

    Please try to include all your requirements in as much detail as possible.

  • We examine the target site and see if your goals are achievable with the plugin

    If you want to crawl the posts as a custom post type, we request the files of the theme/plugins that create the custom post type and recreate your website's environment to develop your custom solution.

  • We explain how we plan to achieve your goals and send you an offer

    Your goals might be achievable by just configuring the plugin's settings and/or writing a custom WordPress plugin to extend WP Content Crawler.

  • If you agree with the offer, we start creating your custom solution

    We reach out for more details as we work on your solution, making sure everything fits your preferences just right.

  • Once the solution is complete, we send you proof

    Such as screenshots from the plugin's Tester page, screenshots of a few crawled posts or any other proof you require.

  • After the payment is complete, we install the solution on your website

    Additionally, we provide you with the necessary files and comprehensive instructions for the installation process. We request the payment via Payoneer.

  • You start using the solution

    In the event of any undesired behavior, we commit to addressing and resolving up to three reports containing the issues.

Ready to get your custom solution?

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All the communication is carried out via email through the contact form on CodeCanyon. You can reply to emails with your preferred email software.Contact us
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